ari tenhula



A mental image is a thought that can stimulate the nervous system in the same way as the actual event.

www.mindscape.nu is an interactive web site and an art gallery installation where participants share
mental embodied images and narratives. The focus of the site is to draw attention to
non-technological virtuality and it’s polymorphic possibilities. We would like the narratives to portray a multitude of embodied transformations and many different modes of being. The future gallery installations will be made from your contributions, so please - explore the website
and write your story to our editor!

The first show took place in:
galleri leena kuumola, Oksasenkatu 11
November 18th – December 11th 2005

The second gallery installation takes place in the Theatre Academy of Helsinki
starting 8th August 2006 in relation to Global vs. Local, 15th World Congress of FIRT (the international federation of theatre research)
and continues until August 24th. It is also on display at the Helsinki University on 8.- 11.8.2006

mindscape at galleri leena kuumola
Tenhula Co
in collaboration with:
Zodiak – Center for New Dance
Virtual@Theatre Academy of Finland